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Printing DVD Cover Problem



Hi, I'm new to this forum but I'm very glad I found it. I was a happy EMC 7 user but when I bought my new system with vista it would'nt run right, so I forked over the 80 bucks and got the 9.0. Not as happy (so far) with 9.0 but maybe it just takes getting used to. My main use for it is the slideshows and the 9.0 has alot of different features and the features I would usually find easily, like fit to audio, takes some digging to get to. I'm sure I'll eventually get used but I hated having to upgrade when I was already happy,,,Oh well. Anyways I'm having a wierd problem when I'm desinging a DVD cover in label maker and print it out the text prints way to the side compared to what I see on the screen. so I have to move the text way to one side to compensate even though on the screen it shows it way to one side. I center it on the panel but it still happens. Any ideas?


Thanks, and again, I'm glad I found this forum!


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There appears to be a bug in Label Creator 9.0 on Vista. Should be fixed in the (coming very soon) patch to 9.1.

See post by Deloresw reporting the same problem in




He also gives a workaround.


No comfort to you but it works fine on XP SP2.


BTW you might try the search function, search the Windows Vista board for Label creator; some other posts may be relevant.

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