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XP Interface Reverts Since Installing EMC 9



I've had a weird bug pop up since installing EMC 9.


Each time I restart my Windows XP computer, the interface reverts from Windows Classic Style to Windows XP Style. Then I have to go through my control panel to Display Properties -> Appearance and re-set Windows to Classic Style. It stays that way until I restart the computer, and then I have to go through the process again.


I figure a key probably exists somewhere in the registry that needs to be changed. Anyone have any ideas?

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Good ideas from each of you. Many thanks.


- I didn't install anything other than EMC 9 at the time the bug popped up.

- No "skinning" apps are installed. I avoid them to keep my life simpler.

- I did try setting a new theme, and unfortunately that didn't do the trick.


I've been plowing through the Web looking for similar problems. It turns out that it is a fairly common problem with XP. However, no one seems to know a fix. Once it starts, they live with it. I haven't been able to find any mention of it in Microsoft's Knowledge Base although it's been documented for several years.


This problem cropped up on a three-week old Dell, and it appears that installing EMC 9 triggered it. However, that could simply be a coincidence. I've been using XP on a Gateway laptop for several years and never have had the problem.


I'm guessing something can be done in the registry to solve the problem. However, I don't have the expertise to know what to do; and from what I've read on the Web some folks who know a lot more about registries than I do have tried.


So, for now, guess I'll file the bug under the category of "Oh, well . . ." and get on with life. It's a lot less annoying than many things that could happen with a new computer.

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I don't know if this may be relevant. But at present when I look at Desktop properties Themes tab, the used theme is called JLJR (it is a custom theme based on Windows classic, with changes I made in the appearance tab/advanced settings). On the appearance tab, it says under Windows and buttons: Windows Classic Style, under Color scheme it says Windows Standard.


Looking in the key (see pic)




the value ThemeFile points to JLJR.theme that is a file (.theme extension) in my My Documents folder.


If I change theme to Windows Classic, click apply, that key points to %SystemRoot%\resources\Themes\Windows Classic.theme


So I think that may be the key that tells Windows which theme to apply on startup.


You could check that the .theme file showing for you as the data for the ThemeFile value in that key is the theme you want, and that the corresponding .theme file exists in the right place.


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I use the classic interface all the time and never saw that problem occur. Did you install anything other than EMC9 round that time? It does sound a bit puzzling as the only thing regarding the display that happens is that it wants to be in 1028 x 768 mode

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