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Can I burn ISRC AND CD-Text w/ Jam 6?




I own Toast 5 and Jam 5 which I run on OS 9. I need to do CD mastering that requires both CD Text and ISRC code embedding. I can do ISRC codes in Jam 5, but no CD Text. Also - I am stuck on OS 10.3.9 because of the Digidesign hardware I am running, so I can't run Toast 8. Toast 7 will apparently not do ISRC codes.


Question - if I can find and buy a copy of Toast w/ Jam v.6, will I be able to write CD-Text and burn ISRC codes?


Thanks! - Steve

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Jam 6 supports adding ISRC codes and CD-Text info.


Yes, but not as the same time. If I enter ISRC codes, AND have cd-text turned on, Jam will freeze as it starts to write the first song. Turning off cd-text fixes it. To be clear, I can write cd-text, so long as have NOT entered ISRC codes.


My machine - PMG5 dual 2.7, running OS X 10.4.9.

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