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dueling software issues (I think)



even though my problem occurs during burning, I think the root cause is an installation issue...


I struggled with installing EMC9, as I'd had Nero ( the free version that came with the burner) before, and so a previous version of Sonic...found the answers here, and ran all the Nero clean-up tools, learned how to do a registry edit, etc...and finally got EMC9 to install, and run...once or twice...I've successfully burned several CDs, and a few data DVDs...but now, when trying to burn a vid to DVD, the program hangs, or gives me an "unknown error" message...this has happened right at the start of the burn, and also well into it (57% complete), and when burning a data DVD as well as in Copy Disc


the reason I think its an installation issue is this (and forgive me - I really am quite new at all this)...when I had Nero, there was a little CD icon that appeared beside the cursor...it went away when I cleaned out Nero and the older version of Sonic...I've noticed when the program error occurs, the little CD icon appears and flashes on and off again beside the cursor...does it mean there's still something in there competing with Roxio?...if so, how the bl**** hell do I find it?...nothing left in my program files or registry says Nero or InCD, and I deleted all Sonic files before the reinstallation


(oh - and the last time the program errored, the DVD burner 'had a seizure of sorts, as well ...couldn't get it to open or shut down...just kept humming at me...eventually had to turn it off)


I do have a few other vid programs in there, but the Roxio tech said these shouldn't be an issue (GordianKnot and AviSynth - which I used successfully when Nero was installed)...and I did also have CyberLinks which installed with the burner, and SlyFox at one time...I thought I'd uninstalled them as they never created a problem when the Nero was in...is there a chance they're hiding under a different name? any suggestions would be most appreciated!




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