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Plug & Burn conflict XP Media Center tuner





I have used the plug and burn to draw off of a Dazzle converter via a USB line.


After a successful burn, however, when I go into Windows XP Media Center to use the TV tuner, it says "tuner not installed". I had used the tuner an hour before I used EMC's plug and burn, and it worked fine.


When I use plug and burn, the first dropdown in the menu is my tuner card and it says "capture error" before I can chose the 2nd option, my USB line (Dazzle converter). Last time this happened, I had no tuner capabilities until 3 days later it magically started working again. Since this occurs after using EMC, I presume that is the cause. Any ideas on how to keep EMC from messing with my tuner???



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Interesting -- I didn't think that plug n burn worked with ANY analog devices. I thought it was firewire only.


Plug & Burn works with the A/V I have hooked into the USB cable (Pinnacle Dazzle).


Turns out through trial & error, I have found that if I restart and go into Media Center and give it a good 15 minutes or so to get up and going, I can redo the setup process (find channels, etc...) as if it was newly installed and MC finds the tuner again. Strangely it needs about 20 minutes to get to that point rather than allowing me to set up right away. I guess resetting the Media Center specs each time is the route to take...

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Not sure how to stop it from doing that, but to get your tuner working again when you are done with the plug & burn stuff, have you tried powering down (shutdown otion) your computer, let it sit for a min or two, then poer ot back on and see if it works.

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