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BSOD Infinite Loop Error



Hi can anyone help? I'm getting angry with this now! :angry: When I try to edit my captured video the program freezes, I get a black screen, then it displays the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. The computer says that my nv4_disp.dll file has been put into an infinate loop. I've identified the nv4_disp.dll as been part of my graphics card driver.


I'm running the software on an

HP Media Centre PC

due core running at 3GHz


Windows XP Media

Nvidia Geforce 6600 graphics card


the computer isn't that old either! I have have updated graphics card drivers, BIOS... etc and still no joy. I've opened the computer removed the graphics card cleaned it up put it back and still it doesn't work.


I spent a lot of money on the software because of its features now I'm wishing I hadn't even bothered. I just want to edit some video footage that I filmed!!!!


Please help!! :angry:

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Don't remove the graphics card - remove the drivers


Go to control panel, system, device manager and uninstall the drivers for the graphics.


In other words, force your OS back to basic VGA 16 colour and then re-install the latest drivers from nVidia as well as the latest DirectX 9.0c from MS

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Thanks for the information, I had done this already, but I tried again this time I downloaded the drivers, I already had Directx 9.0c, I uninstalled the drivers, but the uninstall didn't remove all of the driver so i deleted them manualy. Rebooted, I changed the resolution of my screen from 1280x1024 to the one mentioned on the box 1024x768.


It worked for a short time! and it just locked up, the sound track continued to run but nothing else. I waited for the BSOD, which never displayed!?


Now what do I need to do?


Help :unsure::angry:

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