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-5001 Errors Solved?



I have been having -5001 Errors after writing DVD+R DLs for some time now. The problem happens with the internal Apple Sony burner and an external Pioneer firewire burner. This keeps the verify function from working, but otherwise the burned discs are fine. Every once in a while one of my DVD+R DL burns will verify, and as computers really don't do random things (usually some reason why things happen), I tried to see why it would sometimes not give me a -5001 and verify.


Last night I think I stumbled on something (odd) that helps. I managed to burn 4 DVD+R DLs in a row and have them all verify. What did I do differently? All I did was start my burn as always, then click on the desktop so Finder had focus and not Toast for the duration of the burn. It doesn't appear to matter what other app has focus, as long as its not Toast (Safari had focus for one burn and Toast verified OK). I THINK it only matters that Toast not have focus at the end of the burn when its writing the lead-out, but I haven't verified that for sure.


Or was this just a fluke? Anyone else care to give it a try?


For the record:


Mac Pro 3Ghz Quad


Sony brand DVD+R DL discs

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