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Unable To Burn FLAC Files To Audio Disc



I have an OEM version of Creator Premier v. 9.0.559 installed on a new HP Pavilion PC running the Vista Home Premium OS. I have two internal DVD drives, one of which also burns discs. I want to use the "Create Audio CD for Car or Home CD Player" function to create an audio CD that automatically converts FLAC files to a playable audio format for burning . But when I try that here, the discs will play, using Windows Media Player, in my PC but then *not* on my home player, where they register either as a "bad" disc or the time will read but the music won't play. However, I can successfully dub commercial audio discs using the "Copy Disc" function, so the burning hardware seems to be working OK. Any suggestions, please, on how I can make this work? I am able to do this automatic conversion without difficulty using Toast on my wife's iMac, so I know it's possible. And the add-files instruction in Creator Premier lists .flac as a format that can be input, so I figure it can be done on Vista, too.

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