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DVD Burning Questions



I have two questions, please.

1. Is there a way to make one DVD from one avi file and one vob file/folder? What I'm doing now is to connect a Toshiba DVD player to my Panny dvd recorder and play 1. a newly created DVD (previously the vob created via Disc Copier) and then 2. a DVD with the avi file on it (Toshiba will play an avi). I then make the very basic chapter titles that panny offers. Is there a method just using Roxio to combine both onto one DVD instead of using the Panny method?

2. A very basic question which I don't fully understand.....since Roxio, Nero, etc take a lengthy time to encode/convert an avi, mpg, etc into a DVD, how does my Panny convert the same avi/mpg files on the fly?? When I compare finished products (Roxio produced DVD and Panny produced DVD) I really do not see any difference. Is there something I'm missing here.

As always, any direction would be appreciated. Thank you.


Clarification! In my original post, when I talk about combining two vid files, I was referring to having two separate vids on one DVD and NOT actually combining the two into one lengthy vid. Sorry for any confusion.

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A 4.7gb DVD holds about 1 hour of DVD Movie. Put any more on than that and you will lose video quality.


Open MyDVD, add the VOB as a New Title.


Add the AVI as another New Title.


Burn the DVD.


Your Panny has the extra hardware/software to display an AVI file, just like your PC can.


All DVDs are mpg files of 720 X 480, hence they look the same.

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