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HUGE video file size .. ?!



I just downloaded the DivX codec and configured it so I can import a video in MyDVD and have a thumbnail.

I begin to make my DVD, So I import one of my 600mb videos ... WOW all of a sudden its a 6.xx GB video and its too big for the DVD!!


I have about 4 videos that are 600-700mb each ... and each of them seem to be about 6GB in the program. When turning the quality to extended play or something it brings the size down, but to like 2-3 GB, which is still massive.

Help please.

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You have to remember that avi, DivX, are all compressed video (think mp3 compared to CD Audio) and they need to be uncompressed for rendering, hence the huge size.


If you render and save to .iso on the hard drive and then open that file, it should squish it to fit the disc you're using. In fact, I think there should be an option on it to render to a fixed size anyway (I use the program in EMC9 so I'm not sure how the standalone app works for image files)

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