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I have movies in mp4 format, which play in quicktime...and I wish to burn them to dvd (they are copies of DVDs I won, which is legal). The help book says that is the correct format to put them on my iPod, but I wish to burn them.


When I drag them to popcorn in the video section it says I do not have a valid "VIDEO_TS FOLDER"...what is this? And what format do I need to have my movies in to burn them to dvd.

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Popcorn won't make your video DVD. There are two things that need to happen, neither of which Popcorn can do. One is to convert your videos to MPEG 2 format. The other is to "author" a VIDEO_TS folder. Toast does this but not Popcorn.


Typically when people want to copy a DVD they own they learn (elsewhere) how to remove its copy encryption and then have Popcorn burn the non-encrypted VIDEO_TS folder to disc. I suggest going that route rather than using the mp4 files that were created from the DVDs you won.

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