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Grey 'mpeg' Screen then Burning Hangs



Hi all,


Have read almost every post on this forum and as yet have not been able to find this exact problem, although many similar ones have cropped up.


Basically, using both the Videowave renderer and the MyDVD encoder, I'm encountering the same problem with different video files, different projects whatever I try.


The rendering/encoding process will reach a certain point, usually within the first minute of the footage. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's displaying a transition, visual effects or just plain video but the preview gets very stuttery, then goes black to be replaced with a grey screen that says 'mpeg' in the corner, which will remain for a few moments, then it returns to the video (but about 20 seconds later in film), then the process hangs (have left it for over 90minutes and no movement and no HDD activity so it's definitely packed up) then I click cancel and I'm back where I started.


I've tried updating DirectX, uninstall/reinstall both EMC and my video drivers (which I have updated from MSWU, Ati and a 3rd party site), defrag, temp files, the whole nine yards, everything that is usually suggested and I've also tried using software rendering only and I still get the same issue (which if it were linked to my ATI Radeon Express 200M video card would surely avoid it?) I've tried it on small videoes, long videos, all have the same issue. I've also installed every applicable update from the Roxio site (e.g., PX engine), completely uninstalled my Symantec antivirus software at one point (!) just in case there was a clash. Also tried tweaking the encoding settings - same issue on a very low grade burn as there is on a HQ, same issue in rendering to any kind of MPG format (and AVI encodings just hang) and to encoding to a DVD, an .iso or a folder set. What am I doing wrong?!!


The system is a Toshiba Satellite Pro, well within the specs for EMC even though it is a laptop, running Windows XP fully updated and patched.


I really enjoy using the Roxio software, the interface is so much improved in this version I really don't want to have to throw in the towel and learn another suite - what do I do?!


Many thanks for your time,



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