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AVI to disc to run on dvd player



I was told that I can use the Easy CD & DVD burning to take an AVI file that is on my hard drive and put it on a DVD so that I can view it on my home t.v. and dvd player. Is this true, and if so how do I do it or where do I find the instructions to follow?


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Hello PapaDees,


The newer DVD players will play an AVI file on any data disc they can read, especially if they're "DivX certified" players, however if your player can't handle AVIs then you can convert them to DVD-video format with Copy & Convert.


-Run Copy & Convert

-from the Home menu, select 'DivX DVDs'

-Disc Copier will appear, with the Video Compilation tab selected already

-click on 'Add Movies", navigate your hard drive and select your AVI(s) and click OK

-Select the destination (right side) for the converted file(s). You'll want DVD, output to a Disc.

-check the Options button for menus and playing instructions, and disc name

-click 'Burn' select your burning options, and then OK


You need to know that an AVI is a container file which is filled with compressed video. The video can be compressed with any of a large number of compressor/decompressors (codecs). The DivX codec that C&C uses can handle most of these, but if you have AVIs compressed with really exotic or unusual codecs you might need to install extra codec(s) to handle them.

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