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Searching for Windows equivalent to Toast



Hi all,


I use Titanium Toast (MAC) at work, and love it. I'm looking for an equivalent piece of software for Windows XP Pro SP2 for my computer at home.


Easy Media Creator seemed to be the same price range, with similar features, but when I tried it out, the interface was horrendously clunky, and I wound up having to install a mass (mess) of other applications that I have no interest in using.


Is there a piece of software for Windows that has the full functionality of Toast with the same simple interface.


Just to clarify, by simple, I don't mean eliminating program abilities (I'm a video editor, so I definitely like power in my apps, but if I'm going to do any actual authoring/editing, I'll be using beefier tools than this.) But for creating DVDs EMC seems to want to open a different application for each purpose (Data vs. Video file vs. Video_TS), while with Toast it's all right there in the same interface, and doesn't absorb system resources like EMC.


Please understand, I'm not trying to bash EMC, I'm totally willing to accept that I may be using it wrong. EMC seems to have a number of abilities Toast does not, but they are abilities I have no use for. I tried to do a custom install of just the parts I wanted to mimic Toast, but couldn't find a guide of what each app was used for (couldn't find half of the applications even listed in the user manual).


I normally use Nero at home, but Toast seems far superior for simplicity and functionality, which made me hope and pray that Roxio put out a similar product for Windows.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




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