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Lightscribe Drive


Help! I had Creator 7 printing Lightscribe discs with no problem. Just updated to Creator 8 and the program will not permanently change the drive letter to the lightscibe drive - it defaults to the non lightscribe drive and therefore does not offer the disc label tab under Tools.


No amount of coercing will fix it. The drivers for the drive are fine. I'm ready to uninstall version 8 and reinstall version 7 - that works. any suggestions?

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Generally the default drive is the first one in the tree - if you swapped your standard drive for the lightscribe (on the ribbon cables) it should pick that as default instead


Windows usually allocates in the following order (presuming there are no partitions)


Primary Master

Secondary Master

Primary Slave

Secondary Slave


However, if there are optical drives, they go at the end of that and their ordering is in the same manner

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