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Videowave Audio Issue with .tivo files





When I edit .tivo files (havent tried others) in Videowave, at 1st the audio is fine...


However, adfter doing a split or other workj with the file, the audio disappears. Sometimes right away, sometimes I can do a few things.


When I try to reload the file the audio is still gone.


If I COPY the file to a new file the audio is back when reloaded.


The audio is ALWAYS ok in the double click set start and end preview window.


What could be wrong here? I reloaded the program and tivo desktop for the codec reloads... Nothing seems to work.. and this is very frustrating.


Anyone else have this issue.. I do not know if it is Vista related or not.. I am using Vista.



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I have been told this is a vista issue and sent to this forum. I saw others having the problem as well.


Can anyone help here.. the audio gores away. If I resave or copy the file and reload to videowave it comes back and then goes away once I split or som something with it.


Again this seems to be only with Tivo files.. and there IS audio when i double click the piece to do start and end editing!

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I have actually been having a similar problem with XP. The first segment's audio (after editing out commercials) is fine, but then every subsequent segment has the audio of the first segment. Anyone have any ideas/solutions? Thanks!

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Just guessing, has anyone tried converting the audio to a wav file and then using that?


Recording streaming video & audio, the audio is often sort of padded to keep sync with the video stream, and this padding might be throwing things off. Again, just a guess along with a suggestion to check forums more devoted to tivo to see if there's any universal problems/cures.

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