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Hang Near End of Audio CD Creation



I'm using Creator Classic (EMC 7 Build ENU) to create an audio CD from mp3 files. Near the end, or maybe at the end, of the recording process my computer often, but not always, hangs for several minutes. This has been a problem forever but I am just finally getting around to researching it.


Just now I created 3 CDs from a set of mp3 files. I experienced the hang after the 1st copy and the 3rd copy, but not the 2nd. At the end of the 3rd copy Creator Classic had even ejected the CD and my computer remained hung.


I just checked for updates and was told that there are none.


This is my first experience with this forum. Are we on our own here, customers helping other customers, or is there support from Roxio?


Thanks for any assistance or pointers that anyone can provide.



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First of all, updates are very unlikely - the current version is 9 with 10 coming next month according to reports.


Creating the CD - are you burning directly from mp3s to the optical drive (and converting them on the fly)?


In general, I do it in two stages - do the conversion and save the output as either a .c2d or .iso on the hard drive and then use disc copier to make the CD from that.


Also, make sure you have no background apps running (run a spyware sweep first - you never know what can sneak in while you aren't looking) and also defragm,ent the hard drive - sometimes if the original files are fragmented, it takes longer to load them in for conversion.


It's a users' forum - you do get someone from Roxio popping in now and again but you xan spot them by the Roxio icon at their name

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