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I need to know how to do this?

Richard Fdisk.exe




I did use the "forum search" but didn't find any relevant info to the problem,


here's the Issue

1) I get a project from a friend to do,

2) the project is to convert the audio from 15 DVD movies contained on 6 DVD disks to 8 CDAudio disks


the first is about 45 minutes long so it used it's own CD

the rest are all under 40 minutes so I can put 2 on each CDA


problem 1: my audio recording and editing program only opens the associated audio from compressed format type videos so I turn to my EMC9


problem 2: I pop the DVD disk into the drive and ask of EMC9 to open and convert the videos to WMV or AVI or something, (can't recall, this was 3 weeks ago and I'm not sitting in front of the machine it's installed on)

I tried the app from the "Home" menu on the "quick launch" part of the taskbar, that's supposed to be able to do this as well as the one way up the "Programs" tree and neither would even start never mind do the job.


1) these are home made DVD recordings of the same guy giving 15 different presentations so "no copy protected disks here" they're on DVD-R and play fine in WiMP and on set top DVD players


but the problem is as soon as EMC9 starts to do the job I can hear the DVD just start to spin up for the decoding and converting and then before it even starts the process it crashes and pops up some really annoying crash dialog about the program not able to do this.


I will try as soon as possible to get more of the info about the particular program I used, but the tooltip said I could use the program(s) I tried to use to "convert" the dvd movies into the compressed format's listed.


anyway I ended up opening the videos in WiMP and letting the sound card give me the audio in realtime to 44,100 16bit audio, and feed it to Cubase directly (gotta love that professional sound card, sounds Identical to the original that WiMP played) but almost 600 minutes of realtime recording is ridiculous when I should have been able to convert each one in less than 20 minutes including the first conversion and extracting the audio from the compressed video file.


I do have the up to date drivers for the onboard video card and mother board, had to get these before the sound card would be detected properly by window$


So I don't know if I didn't do it right or if EMC9 just doesn't like the Intel onboard video, I'm not yet ready to put in the NVIDIA and use it 'til I've worked out whether or not I can do a base PC restore from Backup Exec, I'm waiting for the cash to get another hard drive and try it, then I'll be at ease about changing as major of a component as the video card.


also the BIOS says that the onboard video is set at 256MB but somewhere, I forget, I saw it was only set at or using 128MB, huh?


and the NVIDIA card is a 256MB also, I tried to get a 512MB but the guy at the shop wasn't all that happy about me asking for one, he was probably more interested in just offing the 256 he had on the shelf, and told me that I wouldn't need 512 unless I was running 2 monitors and running tons of video intensive apps at the same time, (but I'd rather be over built than have not enough).


THX for any help, even though the project is done I expect I should get more of these jobs.



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Will this help?


I think I remember seeing that option and It probably might have but I didn't select it, because to do the project I had to edit the audio re-gapping the "silence" to smaller gaps, pare out oddities like repeated words, re-arrange the order for 4 of the presentations, and then manually create track files of about 4:00 minutes each before burning the CDA copies.





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