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Can you manually adjust write speed when copying a disc?



New to the board. I just purchased Easy Media Creator 9 Suite.


I just burned an audio CD on to a blank CD-R using the Copy Disc feature. While I was doing this, I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to manually adjust the write speed.


When using Music Disc Creator, I am able to adjust the write speed after I hit the burn button. But if I hit the burn button under Copy Disc, it defaults to burning at the fastest speed it can. I prefer to burn all of my music CD's at 4x.


The problem with using the Music Disc Creator for copying the entire contents of an audio CD is that it doesn't work for CD's that have no silence between tracks. The songs on an audio CD like "Dark Side Of The Moon" seamlessly transition from one track to the next. Even if you add all of the tracks from the CD into the Disc Creator and make the gap silence 0 seconds, there is still a slight gap which I find jarring. It's much better to just use a disc copier.


I just want to burn a straight copy of an audio disc and adjust the write speed to my preference. There has to be a way.....I can name more than a few media creator brands that allow for this flexibility, but I don't see how to do this with Easy Media Creator 9 Suite. I've checked all the help files, etc.


Thanks for your help.

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The burn speeds available to use are also dependant on the burner and the disk which I find annoying

I have two brand new drives with MFG. dates at the end of 2006 that I can't use for CDAudio disks because when I go to select the burn speed on them they won't go below 15x unless I find an old I mean really old CD like a 550MB or 650MB that wasn't rated for anything over 1x - 4x then when it goes to burn it sets the "Target max. ..." at 15x but wont go over what the disk says it's rated for (just give me the old stuff back it worked better, and produced better burns).





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How do you access that screen that you attached to your post?? I saw that screen in the user's manual, but I don't know how to get to it.


When I bring up Easy Creater 9 Suite from my desktop, and the program gets to the welcome page, I click on Copy on the left and then Copy Disc below it. The screen that comes up looks like this:


1. Insert the disc you wish to copy in the drive below;




2. Click the copy button when you are ready to continue. Creator 9 Home will make a temporary copy of your source disc, and then ask for a blank or rewritable disc.


If I follow these steps and then insert a CD-R, I am never given a screen that looks like the one you attached, and I am never asked what write speed I want to use. It just burns at the max speed it can.

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Start, All programs, Roxio Easy Media Creator 9, Copy, Disc Copier. Then choose the CD DVD Copy buttom.





All programs

Roxio Easy Media Creator 9



THEN it's different for me. The next step is called Copy Disc, not Disc Copier. If I click on copy disc, it generates a screen like the one I described in my previous post. I wish I could attach an image as it would better illustrate what I am seeing.


I finally figured out how to get the disc copier screen to appear that looks like the attached image in this thread, but it requires me to click on Video from the main menu, and then Convert Video. Once I click on OK when the error message pops up that I can't convert video because I don't have a DVD-R drive, the Roxio Disc Copier appears. Then I am able to adjust the write speed. But I can't seem to access this Disc Copier view from Copy on the main menu.

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