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Forcing 1X DVD burn from VIDEO_TS





I want to burn my VIDEO_TS @ 1XDVD, and select this as my choice, but when it burns it zooms by @ 8+ <_<


How can I force it to stay @ 1X


BTW my writer is a TSSTcorpCD/DVDW SH-S182M which has a nominal burn speed of up to 18X. In Disk Utilities I only get the option of 4X-18X — but does that mean Toast can't force a 1X? :huh:





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The drive doesn't support 1x. 4x is the minimum. Most drives will not burn at 1x anymore. The drive can't be forced into to doing something it doesn't support.


[sigh] that's what I was afraid of—but I hoped… :unsure:


Thanks! I really appreciate forums :)

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