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roxio creator 9 home - screen freezes

tom pease


Hi can anyone help please - I have purchased roxio creator 9 home to edit home movies from my camcorder. I have not been able to get it to work - it freezes and crashes when I load videos, try to play videos and edit videos with no error messages. Also I am having trouble reading files that other software can play such as windows media player.



Any ideas help would be much apreciated.





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Can you give us a little more information Tom ?

First, some information about your computer hardware etc. Then what program in 9 are you using to get the video from your camcorder to your computer and throught what type of cable ?


For capturing video, you should be using a "Firewire" (IEEE1394) cable from the camcorder to the computer. Open EMC 9 and click on the "Capture Video" option. Your camcorder should be recognized by the program and you can go from there. After you have captured the video and saved it, open "Videowave" and insert the video into that program to do any editing. It's best to keep the video short for the editing, instead of an entire capture that might be very long.



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