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Video_TS not recognized



I have a program I recorded from TV to a TV-connected DVD burner.


I can see the Video_TS and Audio_TS folders when I open the mounted DVD.


What I am trying to do is access the program via Toast so I can edit out commercials, but when I try to load the Video_TS folder it says there are no chapters.


The DVD plays on a desktop TV player and on the computer using Apple's DVD Player.


I'm probably just missing some setting that needs to be changed either on the original burn process or conversion process but I sure can't figure out what that might be. Any suggestions?


I'm using an Intel Imac and OSX 10.4.10.

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Toast doesn't let you edit those videos. You should use MPEG Streamclip for that. When finished edited choose Convert to MPEG from the Streamclip file menu and then use that MPEG file in Toast.


If you didn't want to edit the video then the way to access the DVD's content is via the Toast Media Browser. Choose DVD with the top button in the browser, wait a couple seconds for a description to appear in the browser window. You then can use the second button in the browser to access title and chapter levels of the DVD.

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