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videowave hangs converting mpg to divx



This is bizarre. I've got the same identical problem occuring on two different computers, one a laptop with the dreaded Nvidia card, but also on a big desktop with an ATI Radeon X800 card.


I've got a bunch of mpgs I made of old classic black and white cartoons. Hi rez mpgs I made from old VHS tapes, used a panasonic DVD recorder to get them, then used Roxio media import to get them into mpg.


Next i want to crunch them all down to DivX avi files for size shrinkage. Everything goes fine until this point. Videowave loads the mpg fine, then i select convert "better quality divx" and I can convert 5 or 6 mpgs, one at a time of course. After that, the program suddenly refuses to do anymore. It will just hang on the first frame and then i get a vague error message, "videowave has encoutnered a problem and needs to close". After that, same thing happens everytime. Incredibly, it happens IDENTICALLY on the other computer.


I can un-install, the re-install, and the same thing happens. Finally after 5 or 6 re-installs, it simply wont convert any more mpgs. I even did a complete re-format of the laptop, complete new system, SAME THING.


What on earth could be causing this? I've never seen such weird behavior in a program. I even tried to create a new divx setting, using the home theatre profile, same thing. No difference. Should I try software rendering? I could but i noticed that takes MUCH longer... is that the only solution?

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