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Disc Copier not working



Alright, so I have defraged and cleaned up my computer but it has not helped this problem. I am trying to burn movies, but the avi files have the unuseable sign on them, but the mpg files are fine. So I was going to use the disc copier to convert them to mpg but it stops after I add an avi file. A runtime error sign pops up after it stops.

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avi is a wrapper, used in combination with various codecs. Use Gspot to find out whether you have the required codecs installed.


And if the avi files are divx, did you install the divx codecs from divx.com? If so that could be the cause: Roxio uses a different version of the Divx decoder and the divx.com package may have overwritten the Roxio file. This problem, if it applies to you has a fix, see




Gspot (free) from



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