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how to add a new burner to R 9



So i have a laptop with an internat CD DVD burner that has been failing to burn....but it plays back just fine but it does not want to burn. So i got an external USB burner an HP DVD 1040. Now my Roxio does not see the new HP burner. I also installed the Nero program that came with the burner and it sees the new HP burner and i have burned some discs with Nero successfully. i dont think Roxio sees the internal burner either. So how do i make Roxio 9 see the new external USB burner? I tried reinstalling Roxio but that didnt work.



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The new burner looks good in Windows device manager with no errors. The device is enabled and working fine. i just burned a CD and DVD with Nero successfully.


In Roxio 9 Device Utility it states there are no devices connected to the system.

DVD info Pro in Roxio gives me a drop down and sees both of the burners on my system and it looks like they are both working fine with plenty of positive check marks in the boxes. However when i go to burn a disc the program does not see either drive.









Roxio "sees" every burner that your OS is recognizing correctly…


Go into your Device Manager (Win-Pause – Hardware tab), expand the CD/DVDs and see what kind of errors are reported.

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