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EMC9 - MyDVD9 - Video Issues



I am using EMC9 - MyDVD9 on an HP dx5150 SSF desktop with an ATI Radeon Xpress 200 integraded video. (WINXP - PRO operating system) I installed EMC9 and everything great. I have created a few DVD projects and added some WMV movie files etc. - burned the projects and everything has been fine until now - here is the situation.


I downloaded some WinXP updates and after a reboot EMC9 did not see my DVD drive any longer. I did find a patch and applied it and then it seen the drive again. However, when I go back in and add a movie file as I did before - I could always click preview and see the clip in true color as if I were watching it any player such as Windows Media player. Now, the video is all washed out like it is in some infra-red mode or something and not displaying correctly as it had been doing. I tried the hardware and software rendering settings - that did not do anything. My video driver was OK before but I went and got the latest build to make sure that wasn't the problem and put it in . . .


Since none of these adjustments brought the video back to normal in previews, I uninstalled the software completely and restarted the PC and reinstalled from the beginning EMC9 and the content CD. Well, the previews are still washed out - they run but they are not displaying correct quality video as they had before when I initially installed the software.


It sounds like some video issue but I have not been able to resolve where I need to focus my attention. Does anyone have any ideas or have encountered a similar problem with video not displaying normally in the preview modes of your projects?


Thanks for your input.

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