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Aspect Change 4:3 or 16:9 / Save as "Video-TS" folder?



May I suggest a very useful feature for Toast 8.0.2? Whenever I burn a DVD using my Panasonic standalone recorder, it records everything in 4:3. When I make a backup copy on the Mac I am able to change the aspect ratio of any programme on a DVD-R using "myDVDedit" but it would be so much more convenient to have this feature on Toast.


Also, can I use Toast to create a Video_TS folder instead of an image? To edit a DVD with "myDVDedit" I have to save as a disc image with Toast and then mount the image and drag the Video_TS folder to the desktop and create a copy that way (If I simply drag the Video_TS folder from my original DVD to the desktop I get a Video_TS folder that has picture errors - at least Toast extracts as an image without errors).





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It may do, but I don't want to re-encode - I just want to change the aspect ratio before burning a backup.

Give it a try and let me know what happens. As you know 16:9 playback is just a flag in the IFO file so there is no re-encoding necessary to change the aspect ratio.

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