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Can't use sound editor and only creating mono cds?



1. I have just bought a copy of Creator 9. For some reason I cannot now use any other feature other than 'Create Audio CD' or 'Convert CD'.

i.e If I want to go into 'Sound Editor' but when I select that from the left hand side menu it remains in 'Create Audio CD'.


2. I have created a disc from some mp3s. I know these are stereo and they do have output on both channels. But the CD I have created with Convert CD is for some reason mono. If I play it in stereo, one channel does not play. The mp3s are fine and will play through the 'preview song' with both channels L & R playing.


3. I want to edit the song info for the mp3s I created using 'Convert CD'. They currently have the titles 'track 1, 2 etc.' If I right click on the mp3 file, I get an option to 'edit song info’ if I select this it does nothing.


It’s as if the sound editor is disabled somehow. It did work the first time, but then I had to reboot because the mp3 file just hung when I attempted to play it through windows media player. Since the sound editor or tag editor will not work.

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Have you tried opening sound editor directly from its shortcut in start/programs/Roxio Esay Media Creator 9/Audio?


If that does not work you could try a repair install:


Control panel, Add/remove programs. Highlight Roxio Easy Media creator 9 suite, click change. Follow the wizard until you get a screen that gives the options Modify, Repair, Remove. Select Repair, click next, etc..


It may want your Roxio 9 suite CD, or if you purchased the downloaded installation file, you may need first to extract the contents of that to a suitable folder and point the repair installer to that folder if it says it is looking for some file or other.


For edit song information, it may be that the .mp3 file was bad, since it caused WMP to hang. That may also be why edit song information does not work on those .mp3 files. Have you tried right click, say on a .wav file (or other .mp3 file that does not cause WMP to hang) to see if edit song information works?

If that does not work, again Repair installation is your best bet at this stage.


As for your problem 2: I think you need to sort out the above before tackling the mono/stereo problem. But meantime, please tell us exactly how you created the CD in Convert CD. What was the CD you converted from, and what conversion settings did you use, etc. all details would be helpful.

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