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I am asking the question because, with some burner programs, you must specify if you are burning data, audio, photo or video files. If, for instance, you specify data and burn audio, it will not play.
You would "specify" what you want to burn by selecting the application that creates teh type of disc you are trying to make.


If all you want to do is burn files to a disc (doesn't matter what kind they are really), that's a data disc, so you would use Creator Classic, the Rocio Home Data app, or Drag to disc (not the recommeded method btw).


If you want an audio disc for a CD player, use Music Disc Creator.


If you want a video disc or photo slideshow to play in a DVD player, you use Videowave and/or MyDVD

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If you want to get specific files types for "group selections" you can change the view in windows exploder to "Details"

and then click "type" in the right window and it will sort the files by "extentions"


*.wav *.txt *.exe etc.


then all you have to do to select the files, is find the first one of what ever type you are looking for and click on it then use the wheel or the scroll bar to find the last file of the same type and hold the shift key down while you click on the last file and the whole group of them will be selected.

then you can drag them over.




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I want to specify what type of files from my hard drive I am burning before I drag. How do I do this?

It sounds like you're formatting the disc, then using Drag-To-Disc (D2D) to be able to drag-and-drop the files onto the disc? In which case, whatever files you drag-and-drop to the disc will be the ones copied there.


Or are you working in Creator Classic, where you're dragging the files you want from the Explorer pane on the top into the "files to write" pane on the bottom? Again, whatever files (and file types) you drag down will be the one written.


In either case, you should be able to click on the file-type header and sort the files by type to group them, if that helps. Other than that, whatever files you put into your project, or drag to the disc will be the "types" written. I don't really understand your question.

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