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How do I Contact poster with additional questions

grandpa  don


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How do I communicate?


Sorry I got multiples , but just couldnt get systemto send it, so I hit "post" again.


Thanks for the PM info. Now Ill send one right to you, since youve been a lot of help in the past. Why not right now.


I assumed EMC 7.5 was gone but they sent my manual inquiry there & I opened it.

Do you know what happened to my old threads?


These current posts were to try to update organizaitional things.


The real problem , that may have fallen in the crack, is that I still want to:

1. Shorten a video

2 . Make small clip/snippings to insert in a slide show.


For whatever reasons Ive been struggling with this since Mar 10. 1st EMC 9, broke off in July, back now with EMC7.5. I know you were involved. If you were you might remeber why I switched back to 7,5. If I cant do the video this wek, Ill have to skip it.


Two postings in Fall 2006 address the first desire and refer to simply splitting. But on second split i get the "cant split". I havae a sneaking suspiccion it wants me to to split right at an "officiaL" scenee juncture. In many cases thats OK, but I havent found one yet. Anothr posting mentione adjust duration, but cant figure out how to work it.


I cant recall what advise came in on item 2,. If it did, I couldnt implemnt. Story of my life


BY the way, Iwas in the middle of posting the problem on the video forrum, so see it again, but youll have first chance ato answer!


Thanks again for the info & the opportunity to correspond with you.

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When you have the save-as dialogue box, use the drop-menu to change it from saving as a web page to saving as html only.


Nice trick I learned a while back - I don't need all the graphics and stuff, and that enables me to keep the text - which is what I'm after. I learned it when I needed to save things like prices and times of my eBay auctions, and didn't need the eBay logos, etc.



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