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Disk Copy Doesn't Version 6.20.130


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Dear List,


I want to make a copy of a CD program disk, but when I click on disk copy, I get an error, "can not detect any separate recorders" In reading the instructions it seems that you need only one CD which will be copied to the hard drive and then written on the blank CD. the example the program shows though has a d and e drive.


I take it that I can't make a disk copy with only one cd drive?


Does this force you to by 6.0?


Easy CD & DVD (Red Box) Version 6.20.130

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I do not think it could possibly force you to buy Version 6, which has been out of production for several years, and is past the point of formal support. The only exception (which still has support) is the "Red Box" Version which you have, and which is the latest (and final) Version of ECD/DVDC 6.


If you have WinXP or Win2000, right-click "My Computer" > Properties > Hardware > and click on the plus beside the DVD/CDROM drives icon. Copy the id string beside your drive exactly as it shows, upper and lower case as shown, space for space.



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