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DV-> plug and burn; chpaters



Hi All,


I am having difficulty creating chapters in a plug and burn session. I'm using a firewire interface to connect to a Sony dcr320-trv320 DV output.


The video captures as expected. The problem is that when I choose any option in the Create Chapters group it does not seem to actually create any chapters on the dvd.


After capturing, it goes into the "Burn Project" dialog and creates the Menu as expected. Then it just burns throught the "Chapters" task creating nothing. It appears to do the same thing regardless of the "Create Chapters" setting when capturing.


This would be a very handy feature if I could get it to work.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Very, very few use P&B… I think it is creating chapters but not a chapter menu. That is easy to test, play it and select Next to see if it skips ahead to a new chapter.


Thanks for your response.


P&B seems like a quick and mindless way to archive my 100+ DV tape library. Is there a better method that "everybody" uses? :)


Interestingly, it does create the chapters, but only if choosing the fixed interval. In the "Create Chapters" group, choosing "From Scenes" acts no differently than "None".


In all cases you are correct, a chapter menu is not created.


I'll scan the ug for suggestion on archiving, but if you have a suggestion I'd be much appreciative.


Thanks James,


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You won't like my suggestion because I don't do mindless things…


I capture, edit in VW, go to MyDVD select chapters and burn.


I did over 100 Laserdiscs this way splitting to put them onto 2 discs to maintain quality. That took about a year, but worth every minute of it. (at least to me)

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