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OK - try this.


Make a folder anywhere on the computer (even the desktop) and call it anythin g at all


Open the CD and select all files - drag them to the new folder. If they copy, well and good, then run setup. If they don't copy (you get cyclic errors or anything) then the CD is scrap (unless you want to go buy a skip doctor grinding kit and build up your arm muscles grinding out scratches).


Those kits btw are detailed here (and they do work)

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7 and 7.5 are moved down to the 'Legacy' forum


Install the CD, open it and look for 'autosupp.exe' (for 7/7.5) or Setup.exe (for 8) and run that.


Let us know how that works

First thing I tried...would not run.


I've had it a couple of years, but had a major failure and had to re-installed the Program. Figured I would expend the drive space to see what I had neglected...

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Since the last time it worked, have you installed/upgraded any programs?


That would include if you allowed Windows auto-update to replace IE 6 with IE 7.


IE 7 makes major changes deep inside the Operating System (to make it more like Vista), and basicly kills a lot of software, including EMC Versions 7, 7.5, and 8.



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