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Failed Session



I have an eMac G4 1 Ghz with a Superdrive. I get the following error from Toast each time I try to copy a CD.


Sense Key Illegal Request

Sense Code = 0x72,0x03

Session Fixation Error

Incomplete track in session.


I called Applecare and I was able to copy the CD from the finder and they suggested I reload Toast and try again. I loaded Toast on my iBook and copied the CD fine. I reloaded it on my eMac and STILL get the same error.


Does this mean the burner is bad? Both Macs are using the same version of OS X and Toast 6.




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Yes, I would say its a bad burner. What are the contents on the CD?



I was trying to backup my copy of Office 2000. Then to make sure it was not just the CD itself I tried backing up and old copy of Tech Tool Pro I had laying around.


I just hope I can convince Apple the drive is bad.

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I just installed a Pioneer DVR-110, Firmware 1.39 in my G4 FW800 and got the same errors when trying to do a test burn of 699.2MB of movie files. But another part of the error I got was: "Lead-in or Lead-out failed to be written". I noticed at the beginning Toast didn't write a Lead-in and errored at the point it should have written the Lead-out. Whereas, when I did the iTunes burn I saw when the Lead-in and Finish were being written. So . . . ?


I was able to burn from iTunes (6 discs), 702.6MB file from the Finder, a DVD with Popcorn 1.0.3, and one in iDVD 5.0.1 all successful. But when I tried it from Toast 6.1.1, I got the error at the very end of the burn. Now if it is being said that the drive is bad, how come it works with other apps and the OS (10.4.5)? I looked in the Drive Compatibility Chart and the highest it goes is the DVR-107 for Ver 5/6 with no listing for 7.


So as far as I can see this a a software incompatibility problem, not the drive.


There's not much here on this, unless there is someone that can shed more light on this. So I think my next stop is Tech Support.


Take Care . . . :)

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