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Dazzle not working



Why is my Dazzle 90 DVC not working with my PC? The LED does not light when connected. If I take it to another PC, it works. It was working prior to my installing a patch from Roxio support (A Roxio Agent has responded to your ticket! (#439670). Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support

hello there, i am sending a patch to fix that problem.


Install that patch and let me know if you still have problems), now the Dazzle light will not come on nor will my PC recognize the device, even in MovieMaker. My USB ports did not have enough power going to them so I was told to purchase an AC powered USB hub and the device worked fine. Only since the patch has it not worked. Anyone think the patch is causing this problem?

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Are other usb devices recognized if plugged in?


Have you tried connecting it directly to a usb port on the computer instead of thru a hub?


Are your usb ports 2.0 or 1.1?


Don't have any idea what that patch file was for. What issue were you having that prompted them to send it to you?

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My Dazzle DVC 90 never worked with my PC. I have like 5-USB 2 Hi-Speed ports. Tried plugging them into all of them and it never worked. Finally, it was suggested to get a USB hug with AC power. That maybe my motherboard was not getting enough power to the ports, Went out and bought a power USB hub. Whalla, it worked. I used it for like a day and then the next time I booted my PC, it quit working. No light on the Dazzle and yet it worked with any other PC with XP. When I reopened my ticket I was told to install a new DVC90 patch and to do a repairer patch which then also sent. Have installed both repeatedly and the PC will just not recognize the Dazzle. The ports do recognize other USB devices, just not the DVC 90. Any other ideas as to what I can do?

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