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"preview" Mode Goes High Speed After Using "adjust Duration"



When I use either MY DVD or videowave to "adjust duration" the length of a video...my "preview" screen keeps putting the video on high speed. I am using an AVI file. But, it works fine....as soon as I use the "adjust duration" setting....it screws up the sound speed (makes the people in the video talk like they are the Alvin And The Chipmunks band).


Any help?

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Information on editing in videowave:


1. Drag the clip to the video track in the timeline view.

2. Using Production Preview controls or sliding the yellow vertical marker along the timeline, locate the beginning of the video portion to be cut out.

3. Right click on the video clip and select SPLIT or click the Split icon

4. Move the marker to the end of the portion to be cut out and split again

5. Point to and right click on the portion to be cutout and click Delete.

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Capturing requires a great deal of available system resources and you want to make sure you have the most system resources available to you. These are a few things that might help.


Make sure no other software is running in the background or you are not working with another software program while a CD is trying to be written


Obtain the latest video adapters


Obtain the latest sound card drivers


Delete the Temporary Files


Run Disk Defragmenting program to speed up your computer's ability to access data.


Let us know

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