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RAID does not boot with OMC 9 Suite Installed



My system will not boot from my RAID after intallation of EMC 9. After installing EMC 9 suite the system reboots and starts to load. After "Windows Loading" screen I get a blue screen stating there may be a problem with a recently installed driver followed by system restart. Same disk image boots from a IDE disk without problem. When I boot from the IDE disk the RAID works fine as a second hard drive. EMC 9 suite seems to function normally when booted from IDE. I have tried loading only the system and EMC 9 and all extra PCI cards removed but, same problem occurs with the RAID boot. I have loaded all the latest Nvidia drivers and Direct X drivers and have tried with and without windows updates. (The IDE loaded system works well with Office Professional 2007, Norton Save and Restore and Norton Internet Security 2007). Without EMC 9 the system boots and operates normally from the RAID drive with all other software and hardware operating normally.


Any suggestions? (I cannot migrate to VISTA because of company software requirements)


My system:


XP Professional

Asus M2N-E with AMD 64x2 4800+ processor

4 gigabytes of DDR2 RAM

NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS

1 - 180 Gig Maxtor IDE drive

3 - 500 Gig Western Digital SATA drives in a RAID 5 array

1 - 300 Gig Maxtor SATA secondary drive


Promise 133 PCI IDE Card (2 extra IDE sockets)

floppy drive

IDE Zip Drive

IDE Pioneer DVD-ROOM DVD 115

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Try booting in safe mode and uninstall Drag to Disc - also run msconfig and disable RoxWatchTray9 and see if that helps


Both those kick in at boot time and the Media Watch is a resource hog anyway and, unless you actually need D2D, I'd recommend dumping it (you can disable it from startup anyway)

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