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Toast 6 (Non) Support




After setting up a contact ticket (#433114) to try to get an answer to an error I received when trying to record a VIDEO_TS file I got the following resonse:



A Roxio Agent has responded to your ticket! (#433114)


Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support


Roxio Technical Support



Have you tried our online self-service tools? For instant support,

please try one of the tools below:


Roxanne - http://roxio.com/en/support/nh/index.jhtml


Discussion Groups - http://forums.support.roxio.com/


Knowledgebase - http://search.roxio.com/


We are always looking for ways to improve so please click on the link

below to complete our online support survey.


Web Tickets:



Phone Tickets:



Thank you for your comments and we appreciate the feedback


What's Next?


1. Log into http://selfserve.roxio.com

2. Click on View Your Help Ticket History.

3. Click on your ticket number to view the response and update.


While You're Waiting...


Browsing our Discussion Groups <http://forums.support.roxio.com/> is a

great resource for people to find out cutting edge solutions to new and

old problems alike from our users and Forums Gurus. You can also search

the Discussion Groups

<http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?act=Search&f=> by entering

your specific error or question.


Thanks again,


The Roxio Customer Care Team


We are always looking for ways to improve so please click on the link

below to complete our online support survey.

Please take our survey.



**This e-mail is an automatic response and cannot be responded to.**




to which I have now replied:


Thank you for your no-content response!


I did search the so-called knowledge base for any reference to error code -108 without any hits. I searched for the words of the error without a hit. I searched on "out of memory" and found nothing relating to this error.


I spent time in the discussion groups looking for a thread relating to error -108 and could not find one. I did find several users complain about the apparent lack of support from "Technical Support." I had hoped their experience was isolated but fear it may be more common than not.


Would there be anyone in Customer or Technical Support capable of answering what should be a realatively simple question as "What could be the cause of receiving an error -108 (out of memory)?" when trying to record a VIDEO_TS file noting that such an error has not been encounted when using any of the other recording methods to this same drive?


I would greatly appreaciate a response addressing the question rather than a generic, probably automated, one that, by the way, took 13 days. Now that's being responsive!



Now I ask you in the discussion groups:


So, how many of you have encountered the same auto-non-response? Maybe we haven't paid our dues by upgrading and therefore don't deserve a full level of support. Maybe it is better for near term cost effectiveness to not give real answers but let the inflicted do their own triage as best they can. I can assure the folks at Roxio this is NOT a good long term strategy.


Am I but one of a few that feel this is not an appropriate approach to customer assistance?


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If you search for 108 without the hypen in front you'll likely get results.


The error you are getting is because your VIDEO_TS folder is missing some of its original content. If you ripped this yourself then my guess is you didn't do a full disc extraction. Toast reads the IFO file and if it is pointing to files that aren't present in the folder then this error appears. I don't know why the error description is so useless and misleading.

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