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cannot update from 8.0 to 8.1

Rick Strachan


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Maybe 8.0.1 installed in a different place in your Applications folder rather than replacing the existing version. You should have seen a message asking if you want to replace the older version. If you didn't see this then you have both in your applications folder.

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Hello tsantee, thanks but this isn't working. I spotlighted Toast 8 Application, only one comes up, and it's where it should be, in my all folder. I drag the update right into the Toast 8 app folder and nothing happens., it still comes up as 8.0 Rick

I just tried this out. After the Toast 8.0.1 update is downloaded (Toast Titanium 8.0.1 Update.dmg) it mounts. The window shows to drag the Toast 8 Titanium Folder to the Applications folder. When I do that a box appears asking if I want to replace the current Toast 8 Titanium folder with the new one. I click okay. Everything inside that folder in my Applications folder is now the updated applications: Toast 8.0.1, CD Spin Doctor, Disc Cover RE 1.3.3, DiskCatalogMaker RE 4.2.1 and Motion Pictures 2.1.3t.


There is a Motion Pictures 2.1.4t update available as a separate download.


I don't know what could be causing your difficulty. Try trashing the toast plist and prefs files from your User>Library>Preferences folder.

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Ehmmm Rick, just to make sure. The Toast 801 update comes as a .zip file. If you haven't set your browser to do so automatically you have to unpack it first by double-clicking.


Anyway, you should end up with a .dmg file, which is a disk image. Double-click that one to mount the disk image, which is a nice Toasty Discie icon on your desktop. It should also open automatically presenting you with a window. In that window click and hold the Toast folder icon and drag it - following the arrow - into the Application Folder alias in the same window. It will then copy and/or ask you to replace the Toast folder in your real Applications folder.


When it's done you can close the window and drag the disk image icon to the Trash. Or unmount through the sidebar, contextual menu, Finder File Menu or hit Apple E.


That's it, you should now have 8.0.1 in your Applications folder.


Have fun, Hermie

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hello friends, thanks for your efforts at helping me. I did manage to finally update to 8.0.1, but it was by a circuitous route. I did trash the prefs, but I also tried something different, sort of. I checked the downloaded material to be sure it had the correct version numbers. then I trashed the prefs, and removed the old Toast folder out of my app folder and stuck it in the trash but didn't empty the trash. Then I just dragged the downloaded "update" to my app folder as you all described and as I'd been doing before to no avail. It didn't seem like an "update" this time, more like a quick and dirty reinstall. But, it worked. I burned some data onto a disk using the Mac only routine, and it burned and verified fine, so I don't know, maybe I've got an update. In any case, thank you again, I sure appreciate your efforts.


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