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Entering Activation Key EMC 9 Suite Trial



I have been trying for weeks to get my trial version of emc 9 to work. I did the uninstall of 9 de on my dell w/vista. I have downloaded 9 style pack, 9 suite content & modules for 9 suite. Do I uninstall the trial version and then install the 3 items I downloaded or do I install the 3 items over the trial? Either way which order do I install the 3 downloads? Also, when and where do I enter the cd key that I purchased? I am at the end of my rope on this and would welcome any help. Thanks

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I would uninstall the trial version first. You may need to follow the clean uninstall process (links at end of post), but try it just the typical way thru add/remove programs first.


For the 3 downloads you have, it's Program first, tehn content, then style pack.



XP: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000086CR

Vista: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000127CR

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I now have the software installed-BUT-I received the EMC 9 Suite trial disc in the mail from element 5, I purchased a cd key, I was instructed to download & install <urls deleted> which I did. Now 2/3rds of the features do not work. My computer is a new Dell XPS 410 quad core Q6600 2.4ghz V11V, 256mb Nvidia GeForce 8600gt-ddr3, graphics card and a Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer (D) Sound card running Windows Vista. I have done all installs with Windows Defender and McAfee turned off. What do I need to do to make this software function?

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If that is the trial version, it will be crippled


However, you say you purchased a key - in that case you shouldn't be downloading the trial but the full version (the trial version doesn't need a key). But the links say it's 'TrialUp, which would suggest to me that they are 'patch' files for the tyrial version. Unfortunately, I've never even heard of those so I can't comment.


Contact Customer Services, explain what has been happening and ask if the price you paid is for the full version. If it is, then ask them to let you have links to the ESD files instead opf trying to patch the trial


btw - I deleted the urls from the post - no point in giving the world and its brother access to the files

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I received a trial version of Creator 9 and installed it. It worked OK. I decided to upgrade my version 8 so I could use it with Vista 32. I removed ver 8 with Add-Remove Programs.


I purchased a cd key from Element5 on line and received an email with the CD-Key. It also had links to the Contect cd iso, Styles II iso and a file supposedly to update to the full version. It did not work. It only added some additional utilities I did not want to install even though it was 433MB in size. There was nowhere to add the cd key I received. I tried to register the product on Roxio's web site but it would not recognize Element5's order number. I contacted Roxio customer service and he added the program in my account.


After an afternoon of telephone calls to Roxio, Sonic Customer Service, Element5, Roxio help pages and discussion groups I gave up for the day.


I followed the clean install instructions and tried again.


I downloaded another trial version from Roxio and installed it.


I finally got the purchased version to work from the trial. Make sure you register your purchase with Roxio, either on their web site, I couldn't get it to work, or by phone with customer service, not tech support. Open help and go to purchase license. After it chews on the internet it will find your license information and the trial features will be full versions. Obviously you must have an active internet connection for this to work.


This is a real pain in the &amp;%&#036; because if it has to be reloaded, you have to jump through these hoops al over agian.


I will think very carefully before I purchase anything Roxio has to offer.

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