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Capture Audio



Hello anything why I can't capture audio.

Everytime I try to record audio it seem recording but copy to my file is not work


Well....it was either here or "Burning Issues"....


I've had EMC9 for almost a year now and I've both fallen in love with it and wanted to smack it upside the head with a large heavy object on occasion. This post is merely to let people know of what problems I've had and how I've solved them or to throw out a thing or two I haven't seen covered in these forums (possibly because they're TOO simple).


1. VCGProxyFileManager9 - in VideoWave and MyDVD - "When you see it....let it run" I have read tons of posts on how this is a memory hog. It is true! My experience....let it run it's course before doing anything.....only takes (as my experience goes) a couple of mins. at most. Let it do WHATEVER it's doing and then proceed....it's MUCH faster!


2. Burn to .iso - then, load it on a virtual drive and preview in CinePlayer. CinePlyer will show you your WHOLE project....menus included whereas the disc copier wont.


3. If you want to capture a still image.....do it through Media Manager > right click your file > etxract image....using the image capture function in VideoWave will give you a less than desirable sized image.


I'm sure I'll think of other things I've weathered but until then this is what I've got.


I'd like to briefly thank all the other people who continuously post their findings and responses to this forum....without you I'd still be LEAGUES BEHIND!


Thanks again,



***Edit on 5/28/2007***


4. If you have an external HDD for storage connected via USB, DO NOT try to edit video files on this drive with EMC9 installed on your main drive. Video rendering and USB are not a happy couple. I found this out the hard way after several days cursing EMC9 for "freezing up". I now do all editing on the same drive EMC9 is installed on and then transfer to storage drive with much more fluid results.

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