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3GP files in Videowave 9



I am working with 3GP video files in VideoWave 9. When I begin a project, I add a 3GP video file to the "Timeline" view. When I click play in the preview window, sometimes I can hear the audio from the 3GP file, sometimes I cannot. It is intermittent, even for the same file. Also, it depends on if I restart the software.


If I can hear the audio on a 3GP file and then add an additional 3GP file, I lose audio on both clips in the preview window. If I turn on the "Native Audio" layer, and click on the sound for either video so I can pull up the "Audio Editor" window, I get a message that says "No native audio or audio effect for the selection." However, if I click on the thumbnail of either of the two 3GP videos in the timeline view to get the "Video Trimmer" window, I can press play and hear the audio there, even though it doesn't play in the preview window, and even though the software said there was no audio track.


Additionally, when I am in the "Insert photos/videos" selection window, choosing the 3GP videos I want to add, I can hear the audio there.


When the audio drops from the 3GP videos, I have attempted to add a non-3GP video, such as an MPG, to the production. When I add the non-3GP video to the production timeline, I can hear the native audio for that video, but continue to get no native audio for the 3GP videos.


I am using Windows Vista Home Basic. All software, including the OS, was installed in the last 48 hours to a clean hard drive.




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I have a similar problem with intermittent audio. when i preview the audio in the video wave program, sometimes there is no sound from the audio. it doesn't matter whether the audio is part of a video clip or an imported music clip. i have about 100 still photos and about 10 AVI video clips. Also i imported 3 music clips, MP3 files. The total length of the movie is about 25 minutes. Is the movie length too big for the video wave program??? What's the problem? Before i added the last music clip, i didn't seem to have a problem with the audio playback. I am running video wave in windows XP pro with 1 GB RAM.


Thanks for any feedback,

Ed G

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Xian, you'd need to convert the .3gp files to .avi first.


Check here for a 'how to' and a link for a freeware conversion program


elg - you don't have the same problem, please re-post in a new thread with some more detail on what you're doing

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