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Audio Problems with Videowave

Rob Hughes


This is a re-post (with correct spelling - sorry) and some additional information.


I have a video file that contains both photos and multiple video clips that I took off my camcorder. I have added background music for some portions and not for others. In other words, there are some areas where I just want the native audio from my camcorder video clip without any music. I also have some areas where I have both music and native audio and others where I have music only and have the native audio muted.


I get the file working exactly the way I want and everything is fine with the audio. But, when I save the file and re-open it I lose audio in some areas. Some times I will have audio (both native and music) at the beginning and then lose both towards the end. Other times I have audio at the end, but no audio prior to the last piece of music I added. I have also noted that I often get audio (both native track from video and background music) for the first couple seconds of the video clip and then everything gets muted.


What is it about saving files that cause weird audio problems? I have found that when I open the Videowave project up again I can get sound if I first go and play every single bit of audio (both native and music) individually from within the timeline view. But this only helps temorarily. As soon as I save and re-open I have to go through the same process again and still experience the same problems every time I send it to MyDVD to create an actual DVD. One suggestion I got from "sknis" was to clear my proxy files and use WAV music files instead of mp3s. I have tried both suggestions to no avail.


Any help would be appreciated!





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