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Macmade Photo DVD



With thousands of community theatre pictures, I made a Toast 8 "Photo DVD" on my older 12" Mac powerbook for my cast customers. They work just fine on all my macs but won't work right on a few customers PCs. Message in PC laptop's window says: "preview not available" where it should be a picture viewer. Can anyone tell me...Are @$%#* PCs LIMITED with how many pictures you can load and view before they decide to act up and tick off my PC platformed customers?

Thanks. the MMGuy. :blink:

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when your customers put the disc in a Windows system, are they able to view the content of the disc? say seeing the jpeg files on the disc...


This is very similar to a problem I am having with some CDs. When Windows users insert the disc they can only view any pictures by right-clicking on the CD drive's icon in 'My Computer' and selecting 'Open'.

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