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No Audio Signal Received





I have EMC 8 on my Dell Dimension. I have the factory audio card and I installed a soundblaster card. I play my music from the soundblaster card. When I try to record my LP and tape deck through the line in/microphone on the soundcard, I get no recognition in Roxio.


I have tried every variation of component wiring, and in volume controls section on my computer. No deal. About a year ago I had my LP working on this, not anymore. Assuming my wiring is correct and I have the right soundcard/input method correct, does anyone know of anything else that could be blocking the signal? Is there a way to run a diognostic on this? Soundcard status doesn't show up in "My Computer"


It feels like its something simple, but I can't see what I missed. I also tried to hook it up to the factory installed audio card - no deal either.



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Does the sound come through the computer in Windows as you play it?


If not, double check your sound card. The onboard one may be disabled (or set to 'auto' which will over-ride the internal chipset if it detects a separate card)


Try for new drivers for the sound card and see if that makes it visible again


If all that fails, you may have a dead sound card

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If the one card is a Soundblaster then it should have it's own software for mixer.Make sure that the inputs are not muted in both the SoundBlaster mixer and in Windows volume control.They should synchronize but not always.

Also in the Control Panel,go to sound and make sure that under the recording tab that the SoundBlaster is shown as the default device to use.

When you say you get no recognition in Roxio does that mean you can't choose line in for the input or that the meters just don't move?

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