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I purchased the hard drive disc and not the download version of EMC 8 in Oct. I had the early version of videowave for the last several years and in Aug 2005 I bought EMC 7.5 not knowing 8 was coming out so soon. So I bought 8 in Oct. Now I'm at a point that I want to finish my first hour long video in Videowave in my new EMC 8 version, but can not find Audio Editor to fade in/out music that was so easy to find and use in earlier versions. I can only find Audio Trimmer and am not sophisticated enough to know how to use Audio Trimmer to fade in/out my music in my music track. When I click on the sound icon for the music track, as some one suggested, I can only get Audio Trimmer. The same occurs when I click on the music track itself.


Can someone tell me if Audio Editor is a choice in EMC8. If is isn't, Roxio goofed. If it's there somwhere, can someone tell me how I can find it?

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