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Audio Leaking Into Current Topic.



I did post this before but have lost the answer to the query.


I am in VideoWave7 adding new clips to an existing project. The new clicks present with sound from a previous session. I was told how to del;ete this 'background' audio file but cannot recall it however I search.

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Is this it?


Basically, when you add a video file to the production, it creates 'temporary work files', called proxy files, that it uses to simulate what the editing will end up as. These don't get cleared out very often until they end up taking up a lot of space. So, what happens sometimes is you add a video file to a new production, and it's using an audio file that's still sitting in the temp area instead of the one that goes with the video file.


Ok, enough background, now how to fix it. In Videowave, go to Tools -> Options, and select the File Control tab. There you should see a section that shows where it stores the Audio Preview or Proxy files, and has a button to delete or clear them. Just use the button, and new ones should be created and you should get the right audio now. It's not a bad idea to clear these out every so often. Saves on disc space and prevents these kind of errors.

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