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The display adapter does not meet minimum requirements. The application will shut down.


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I tried to use Buzz in Virtual PC (Microsoft). And I got this error.


"The display adapter does not meet minimum requirements. The application will shut down."


The spec of the virtual machine is like this:

Host computer: Windows XP

Guest computer: Windows XP sp2 + internet explorer 7 + .NET 3.0


.NET framework was installed automatically by Buzz during Buzz installation.


What's the problem?

When I check the virtual machine, diretX 9.0c is supported.


Thank you.


cf) The graphic card emulation for the Virtual PC is S3 Trio32/64 (installed by Virtual Additions).

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Thank you for your reply.


First of all, I already used to use Buzz, when I was using native Windows XP. It was so easy to use that I still want to use that now (I'm using Ubuntu these days.) I'm actually using VirtualBox, and I got that error message, so, I tested with VirtualPC in my friend's PC. None of them worked.


I know that virtual*** uses a low level video card.


Can you just let me know what the minimum requirements are? I'm not asking you any super detail, but just some hints, such as "it requires 3D accel, openGL, video ram size is 32MB, overlaying..." something like these.


Can you give me this information? I want to test those features by myself if possible.


Thank you for the great program.

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This was the response from the technical lead:


"The main issue is our current dependancy on Microsoft's Video Mixing Renderer 9. Our graphics check tries to instantiate this component.


This is part of DirectShow. S3 cards have been lacking on the Direct3D front for several years. I think they are trying to make a comeback and hoping to support DX9 and DX10 better with some of their next-gen cards.


Another thing to note is that we also encounter some issues with "Remote Desktop" since it does not properly support 32-bit colour mode. Perhaps this could have a similar issue to his "Virtual Machine". We are able to use WinVNC for remote connections."


I hope this helps.

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