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Importing Video from DVD stops at 15min from 60min!



Need some help here Guys.


Running Roxio EMC 9 bought about a month ago therefore it might be the recent version that I've read some talk about here.


System: Windows XP Pro w/SP2

Nvidia GS7600 512Mb


I'm trying to import a video that is about 119min from a DVD however after it shows it has finished importing 100% of the video, when I go to review it, there is only about 15min there. I got it once to go 30min but that is still of no use.


After reading some of the other threads here is some background info:


1.) I have not checked if it is finalized, (how do I do that) these DVDs are coming from underwater cameras.

2.) I does not seem to have gaps since the purpose of loading it into EMC9 IS to chop it and create gaps.

3.) The DVD plays just fine in a regular DVD player.

4.) Everything is up to date, Windows, Drivers, Video card drivers, cannot say about EMC9


Can this be an issue with the activation? I cannot recall if it asked me to do that. I can only say that I did NOT register....I went right past that and told it not to ask me again.






I have ONE more issue.


Second computer specs: Windows XP Pro w/SP2

Radeon X300


This computer cannot read the DVDs. It has a NEC 2100AD DVD drive but can only play and read CDs. I looked at the drivers for the video card and also the DVD drive and they seem to be up to date. What is peculiar is that if I go to I believe its myDVD it will show me that there is something on the disk. When I'm in the "Import Media" window, it doesn't even see the drive in the "Video" section, only in the Audio and Photo.....but once I select the drive, there is no media.....I'm guessing because the content is Video and not audio or photo. What should I be trying here?


Any ideas on this one?



I really appreciate any input or advice here guys. My team has several thousands of hours of video to chop up therefore when just two PCs are not working.....it means HUGE slowdowns here. :(


Thank you! B)

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I forgot to include something that might matter here.


The first computer is a Lenovo and the second computer is a Dell 8400.


Also I have copies of Roxio9 running on similar machines that work flawlessly therefore I'm really stumped here. I really need some help here.


Does anyone have any ideas? I'm willing to try anything here.

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