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Custom Hybrid with audio, ISO names truncated



I did many Enhanced CD before using this technique w/o problem:


Create Temporary partition;

Place files and folders, view options and window position;

Drag this image to a Mac only project HFS standard and make another image auto-open;

Mount this image to make a Custom hybrid project, sharing files for Mac/PC, so must use Optimize-on-the-fly (ISO with Joliet names and Apple extensions);

First burn Audio session then close the disck with the hybrid image.


It always worked, but today, doing this gives me truncated names to 8:3 for the ISO side???? If I only burn the exact same hybrid image (w/o audio), names are ok, but when burning audio first, the same hybrid image will have names truncated to 8:3, why???? Tried w/ and w/o CD-Text, Optimze-on-the-fly on/off, no luck. And don,t suggest using Mac/PC option as it can't place window and files as I want.


Using latest Toast 8.01 on Mac OSX 10.4.8.

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I finally found what was wrong, though I don't understand why. I burned the audio session as always w/ CD-TEXT then, instead of using an image for the data files (.toast), I burned directly from the Custom Hybrid option, and files names were ok on PC. If anyone can tell me why, I would really appreciate!

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